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Imaginal Ventures’ Trusted Leadership Program is a three-day immersive program that has an overarching aim of enabling you founders and business leaders, to recognize the value of building trust in yourselves and your businesses as an asset.

Trust is the foundation for all true authentic relationships both personal and professional. It is essential, fundamental. It is a crucial element in any business because the level of Trust creates the climate within it, that is, the environment in which people work.

Program Details

Cost: $4900 plus HST (includes lunch each day)

Location: Oceanstone Seaside Resort 

Date: June 18 to 20, 2024 from 9 am to 5 pm

Gain Skills and Knowledge on How to Build and Maintain Trust in Your Business

What You Will Learn

Throughout the program you will be introduced to concepts, techniques, and skills that will lead you to building a solid foundation for ensuring Trust is established and sustained within your business.

You will learn:

Why Trust is of critical importance in a business, and essential for building impact.

What creates Trust within a business and what derails it.

Your role as founder or leader within the business in relation to establishing and maintaining Trust.

Who is responsible for establishing and maintaining Trust within a business.

What steps need to be taken to identify the level of Trust that exists within your business and the actions required to appropriately address the perception of the level of Trust that exists within your business.

How to embed Trust within your business.

To support the easy assimilation and integration of the evidence-based techniques learnt, you will work on real life situations from your business, looking at situations from the past as well as currently being experienced.

You will also be provided with access to Imaginal’s proprietary Trust Barometer, a diagnostic tool, that enables a business to measure the level of Trust within it. If a business wants to increase in value and impact, the level of Trust within it must be high. It is essential that the founder(s)/leaders knows the levels of Trust at critical phases in the business’s journey, which can only be ascertained by measuring it.

Program Outcomes

The outcomes you will achieve include and are not limited to:

Recognizing the importance of building trusted leadership inside the business.

Understanding the impact of trust on yourself and the impact it has on the teams and the business.

Acquiring skills to manage and build trust.

Program Benefit

The critical benefit you will obtain from the program is

Learning how to build and manage Trust so that it remains at a high level within your business creating continuous impact and becoming an asset.

Who We Work With

Common Questions From Our Clients

Our clients with these inquiries are encouraged to engage in Imaginal School. If you have similar questions, the Imaginal School will likely be a suitable match for you!

Can you help me understand what is essential to build the next phase of growth?

What type of Leadership capabilities do I and my business need?

How do I navigate the changes that are needed to scale my business?

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