We’ve created a formula for your business

Growth Trust Impact Journey Philosophy

Three Ways to Scale Your Business

Explore our three approaches designed to unlock your unlimited potential for business growth.


We collaborate with our partners to develop programs that address the needs and challenges of businesses in high-growth phases. Our comprehensive programs provide valuable access to knowledge, resources, and networks.


Trusted Leadership Program is a three-day immersive program that has an overarching aim of enabling you, founders and business leaders, to recognise the value of building trust in yourselves and your businesses as an asset.


Our personalized advisory service empowers businesses and teams to prioritize the integration of Human Dynamics and Business Mechanics within their organization’s strategy to enable accelerated growth and impact in equal measure.

The Imaginal Journey

What we do

Our formula for growth is flexible and tailored to your unique business needs. We collaborate with you to design a customized program that fosters a culture of resilience and trust (Human Dynamics) while equipping you with the resources and tools to build a solid infrastructure for scaling your growth and impact (Business Mechanics). Our approach, methodology, and operating system all focus on developing businesses from the inside out.

Businesses Don’t
Transform, People Do,
and Leaders Go First!

To help businesses achieve transformation, we created the Conscious Business Operating System™ (CBOS). CBOS is a uniquely designed system that integrates business mechanics with human dynamics, focusing on growth and impact. CBOS takes a holistic approach, considering four integrated systems:

Explore Our Current Programs

Women Innovators Scale-up and Investment Program.

Women Innovators Scale-up and Investment Program

Imaginal Ventures invites Canadian women innovators to take part in this virtual 7-month training, coaching, and experiential learning program to help scale up and meet their venture capital development goals.

Application Deadline: June 21, 2024

Scale-up and Investment Challenge

Atlantic Cleantech

Imaginal Ventures has partnered with Foresight CAC and Spring Activator to launch the 8-month Atlantic Canada Cleantech Scale-up and Impact Investment Challenge.

Application Deadline: March 17, 2023

Scale-up and Investment Program

Health Solutions

Imaginal Ventures has partnered with The Nova Scotia Health Innovation Hub and SUMS Capital to launch the seven-month Atlantic Canada Healthcare Solutions Scale-up and Investment Program.

As a leader of a healthcare solutions venture, you are preparing for the next phase of growth of your business by focusing on commercialization, revenue generation, and growing your team. 

Application Deadline: July 26, 2024

We’re Committed to Helping You Grow

Our team supports purpose-driven businesses with programs, training, and advisory services to create a positive impact in the world. Let’s grow your business for good.